An alien network of caves discovered in Antarctica.

Mysterious stones test your intelligence  
transforming into vehicles, weapons, and the power to alter the caves themselves.

How far will you get, before your abilities are not enough?

The below BETA is restricted to selected users. Contact us to be included.
Press below, and select 'Run' to get playing immediately.    

COMING SOON : Unlock the full game...

  • Gives access to the growing number of caves (200+), and the powerups they reveal.
  • Plus an extreme upgrade, to share with your friends. Collect them all !
  • Benefit from future improvements, fixes and additional content.
  • Reduced price as the game is currently at 'BETA' stage.
1. Choose which version :
2. Choose an upgrade :
3. Enter the access-code given by the game (e.g. FGXTTF) :

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