Terms and Conditions

1. You are buying access to parts of the software, not a copy of the software itself.

2. The software is provided 'as-is'. It's not guaranteed to work without issue, or to operate well, or even to operate at all, on a user's equipment. It is the users responsibility to ensure they are happy with the quality of the available parts of the game before purchasing additional access.

3. Access to the full game, and the ability to run improved versions, relies on periodic connection to the internet.

4. Access codes may be shared with friends to use each other's upgrades, but not made generally public.
Those made public will find those bonus upgrades deactivated.

5. Further content, fixes and upgrades to the software are provided at the discretion of Higher Games Ltd.

6. Although it should be much quicker, allow 24 hours for unlocking of caves to take effect.

7. Once all caves are unlocked, the gameplay still requires completion of certain challenges
before entry to some later caves is possible.

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